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How much does it cost and what are my payment options?
​​We have relationships with all major insurance companies, and in most cases there are no out of pocket costs to the patient.  We work directly with your insurance company to pre-authorize the transfer and ensure you get the benefits you deserve.  We also accept self-pay patients at a discounted rate.

What is an air ambulance and why do I need one?

An air ambulance is an aircraft that has been customized for medical air transport.  They have the necessary life-support equipment, medication, and medical staff with specialized flight training.  An air ambulance is required when the patient's condition requires special care, is life threatening or they cannot be transported by commercial means. 

How do I prepare for a medical transport? 

If you need an air ambulance you are likely already in a hospital ICU.  We will pick you up at your bedside in the local hospital and travel with you until you reach your designated domestic hospital.  Truly we offer a bedside to bedside solution.  We will coordinate all aspects of your transfer including arranging for ground ambulance, communication between hospitals, physicians and insurance companies etc. 

Can family members fly with the patient? 

In most cases we encourage family members to travel along with the patient at no additional charge.  Let us know your needs and we can reserve a larger aircraft if needed typically at no additional cost.

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We offer a truly customized solution for every patient.  Our nationwide fleet of available aircraft allows us to schedule an aircraft and crew that are nearest your location to ensure timely arrival at your destination.  In addition we always schedule a back-up aircraft and crew because we understand that when every minute matters there can be no surprises.  


Our flight coordinator will answer all your questions, match an aircraft to the appropriate level of care, handle the insurance and coordinate with the releasing and receiving physicians.   It all starts with a phone call to speak with one of our experienced flight coordinators.  We offer a large fleet of aircraft that are equipped with the best equipment available along with a highly qualified medical crew. Global MedFlight arranges all aspects of medical transport.