Our company is veteran founded with over 20 years experience in the industry.  We utilize medical staff that are board certified and highly trained for this specific purpose.  Each professional team usually includes a registered nurse and critical care paramedic on each flight.  Medical Doctors are also available when needed.

At Global MedFlight our goal is to provide the safest and most reliable air ambulance service worldwide.  Our team has over 20 years experience in the industry.  We utilize a global fleet of hundreds of available aircraft equipped with state of the art medical equipment.  We only use highly trained medical staff that treat each patient like family.   We provide a custom solution for each patient and schedule a backup plan for every transport. Feel safe in knowing that our expert flight coordinators will handle everything from bedside to bedside. 

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Dr. Leslie Miller - Medical Director
​"Hi I'm Dr. Leslie Miller and I've been a practicing physician for over 35 years including 20 years as the head of a Hospital ICU.  I personally review each patient's case before we fly to ensure they are provided the optimal personnel and equipment for their medical transport.   Choosing the right air ambulance company can be a life and death decision.  With access to a huge fleet of available aircraft we can match the patient with the right size and speed of plane, the best equipment and optimal medical staff to ensure they fly safely home to receive the emergency medical care they need.  At Global Medflight our patients are what really matters - we treat you like family!"

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